On January 28, KIMEP University is hosting a second Global Leadership Forum event, where Sayasat Nurbek will talk about the employment megatrends for Generation Z and professions of the Future, he will discover the importance of digitalization and human capital development for organizations nowadays, and smart consumption.

Mr. Sayasat Nurbek is one of the most prominent national-level experts on education and labor market analysis and policies in Kazakhstan. He is a Founder of milestone education projects in the region, CEO and Founder of BTS Education – one of the leading EdTech companies in the country which is heavily investing in education and promoting it countrywide. UNESCO Certified Foresight and Future Studies expert. Mr. Nurbek is a multilingual Public Figure, Speaker, Lecturer, and Educator with over 1,000 public lectures and talks, which include teaching and guest lecturing in the local and European universities.

📌You are invited to join the event: https://rb.gy/x6rstf